Spiral hose which has the capacity to discharge static electricity. This full anti-static product is used to transport powders, granules, gas, …


Static electricity is a natural phenomenon. Nothing can be done to stop it happening but a great deal can be done to eliminate its effects. Static charges can build up on the surface of hoses. When raw materials are handled in powder form there is often a risk of explosion caused by an electrostatic discharge.
Static discharge is a serious problem. The solution is to conduct the static discharge harmlessly to earth.


  • Anti-static product (inside and outside).
  • Endurance 10^6 ohm/meter.
  • Very flexible to handle.
  • Inside surface perfectly smooth.
  • Long lasting.
  • Takes its original shape after being bent.

Available colour:

Available diameters and lengths:
Different diameters within a range of 24 mm to 63 mm (inside diameter), can be delivered. Maximum lengths 25 m.


The PEFA is especially suited for transport of powder, granule, gas, …
The flexible hose will discharge all static electricity.