About us

WINCO Plastics NV is a company manufacturing flexible spiral hoses.

In order to satisfy customers’ needs, this market oriented company has developed its own production process. The application of different raw materials results in a high range of hoses they can offer you i.e. from EVA to polypropylene. Flexible hoses can be produced with inside diameters from 10 mm to 63 mm. Conical hoses are also available (for example 32 mm at one side and 38 mm at the other side). Flexible hoses can be delivered with end pieces and accessories.

Winco has created its own production system

WINCO Plastics developed its own production process which pays special attention to the profile of the hose in order to attribute characteristics such as:

  • Longer lifetime;
  • Inside surface perfectly smooth;
  • Flexibility;
  • Stress crack resistance.

This unique production method, neither based on gluing nor welding, avoids dissolution and guarantees reliable and high quality hoses that we can offer at very competitive prices.

Advantages of WINCO processed hoses:

  • We don’t use welding materials: No weaknesses, easy to recycle.
  • No re-heating of materials: Quality of material remains higher.
  • No internal stress in the plastic: Better stress crack resistance.
  • Inside surface perfectly smooth: Better flow, reduced noise and less loss of pressure.
  • The profile is a unique development: It takes its original shape after being bent, small radius.
  • Various types of plastics can be used: from soft EVA to hard polypropylene.